Managing Nuisance Wildlife

Managing Nuisance Wildlife

Unwelcome wildlife in and around your home require consultation with an experienced professional. Most cases can be resolved in an environmentally-friendly and humane manner which is best for both the people and wildlife involved.

If animals have taken up residence in your home or building, trapping and removal them yourself is not the best option. You may be injured and you may make the situation worse. For example, relocating animals can spread diseases such as rabies. Trapping an adult animal may leave orphaned young in your home. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) does not provide a wildlife removal service on properties beyond those we own and manage.

Prevention is the best option for reducing conflicts with wildlife, especially in urban areas:

  • Do not leave garbage or trash outside to attract wildlife such as raccoons or small mammals
  • Screen compost piles with mesh to prevent rodents
  • Pick up fruit or seeds under trees and bird feeders to deter smaller mammals from entering the yard
  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Wildlife proof your home with chimney and vent guards, cleaning soffits and eavestroughs, screening decks and sheds to prevent wildlife from entering or burrowing
  • Keep vegetation trimmed back from your home to prevent easy access for wildlife
  • Walk dogs on leash through neighbourhoods, parks, conservation areas and public spaces


  • In instances with wildlife on private property, the owner is responsible for managing or removing the animal.
  • If an incident occurs in a municipally-owned park or area, contact your local municipality for more information. Many have an animal services section.
  • On CVC-owned property, contact staff on duty or, if no staff available, CVC’s administrative office at 905-670-1615 for more information. (After business hours, follow voice message instructions.)

Refer to the links below for advice on preventing and resolving conflicts with wildlife:

Remember that killing, hunting, or poisoning wildlife is prohibited in many municipalities.