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Painted Turtle Hatchlings

About Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage has been described as the natural places in our country that belong to everyone and the original environment. It includes native species habitats and ecosystems, as well as geographical and physiographical elements, features and systems. When we study natural heritage, we study the interactions between organisms and their environment. These interactions can occur between:

  • the earth
  • people
  • vegetation
  • wildlife

About the Natural Heritage Program

The Natural Heritage program (NHP) consists of a team of biologists and ecologists committed to producing and promoting a vision of innovative and sound integrated science, while providing direction and support to policy development, and protection and enhancement of our shared natural legacy, through partnerships and education.

The NHP team carries out field work, wetland evaluations, classifies and maps natural communities, protects Environmentally Significant Areas, identifies other ecologically important areas and provides support to other programs within CVC

We are in the information business, sharing what we know and learn about the watersheds natural environment with our partners, to help them in their protection and restoration efforts.

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