Ecological Goods & Services

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Nature supplies crucial goods and services that sustain our life, including clean air, drinking water, and opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing. All these are examples of Ecological Goods and Services – benefits provided to people by forests, wetlands, soils, plants and animals in the Credit River Watershed.

Recognizing the importance of protecting and restoring these valuable benefits, CVC has initiated a long-term initiative on estimating the value of natural benefits in the Credit River Watershed. The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the importance of natural features to human well-being and to assist in making better-informed policy- and land-use decisions in the future.

Study Date Resource
Landowner Views on Wetland Enhancement and Restoration in and Adjacent to The Credit River Watershed 2013 Report
Ecological Goods and Services – An Introduction 2011 Factsheet
The Credit River Watershed: Valuation of Angling 2008 Report
2010 Factsheet
The Credit River Watershed: Property Value Appreciation – Impacts of Natural Features 2009 Report
2010 Factsheet
Natural Credit: Estimating the Value of Natural Capital in the Credit River Watershed 2009 Report
2009 Factsheet: Natural Credit
2010 Factsheet: Value of Groundwater
Analysis of Present and Future Carbon Storage in the Forests of the Credit River Watershed 2010 Report
2010 Factsheet
Valuing Wetlands in Southern Ontario’s Credit River Watershed 2009 Phase I Report: Wetland Ecosystem Services
2010 Phase II Report: A Contingent Valuation Analysis
2010 Factsheet
The Importance of Ecosystem Services toHuman Well-Being in the Credit River Watershed 2011 Report
Demographic Profile of the Credit River Watershed 2014 Report
2009 Report
Wetland Restoration Environmental Benefit Index 2016 Factsheet
2016 Report – Literature Review
2016 Manual
2016 Calculator (Excel)