Plan Review

CVC provides plan review and technical clearance services to municipalities for planning and development related applications. CVC may also provide comments based on additional roles and responsibilities as outlined in Conservation Ontario’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Province.

CVC may review applications to ensure they meet CVC, municipal and provincial guidelines related to natural heritage protection, natural hazard management and water management. When an applicant submits a planning application to a municipality, municipal staff may screen the application to determine whether it is within the area of interest of CVC. When an application is circulated, CVC encourages preconsultation with municipal and CVC staff to scope any technical studies that may be required and to ensure that the application is complete.

Through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process (companion document) CVC developed Watershed Planning and Regulation Policies (policy document) which are the basis for CVC’s comments and provides technical guidance to applicants.

Plan Review Process

View a flowchart detailing the CVC plan Review Process (PDF)


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