Stormwater Management Guidelines

CVC’s Stormwater Management (SWM) Criteria document provides guidance in the planning and design of stormwater management infrastructure for developers, consultants, municipalities, and landowners, and outlines the processes and infrastructure needed to address flooding, erosion, water quality, and water balance.

The SWM planning framework and associated criteria articulated by this document to be applied at the various stages of the planning process, ranging from Official Plan and Secondary Plan studies through to plans of subdivision and site plans. Together the planning process and the design criteria provide a procedure for the selection of the most appropriate approaches to SWM.

The criteria described in this document may be augmented or in some cases superseded by completion of a subsequent comprehensive environmental study, such as Subwatershed Studies (SWSs) or Environmental Implementation Reports (EIRs). In these instances, the alternative design criteria must meet the objectives of CVC’s most up-to-date environmental design criteria (i.e. flood control, water quality, erosion, recharge, natural heritage system). It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm with CVC and the appropriate municipality whether or not the alternative environmental design criteria for stormwater management recommended in the comprehensive environmental study is appropriate. In all cases, it is recommended that proponents consult with CVC and municipal staff to confirm the criteria and approaches to be used.

It is the intent that these criteria will apply to all relevant Planning Act applications submitted after September 14, 2012. Stormwater requirements established through Comprehensive Environmental Studies and associated Technical Reports that were completed before September 14, 2012 and that have been approved or are sufficiently advanced in the review process, as determined by CVC, will continue to be supported through the planning and associated permitting process. The updated criteria are not intended to re-set the application review process while allowing for development of mutually acceptable arrangements for advancing opportunities to enhance stormwater practices where appropriate


CVC Stormwater Management Criteria, August 2012 (5.94 MB)