In Ontario, storm-centered events, flood frequency based events or an observed event are used to determine the extent of the flood hazard limit.  CVC manages land containing flood hazards within CVC’s jurisdiction based on the greater of the regional storm event as identified by the Province (Hurricane Hazel) or the one hundred year flood.  The flood determined through this calculation is the Regulatory Flood and defines the extent of the riverine flood hazard.

Additional information on CVC’s policies relating to development within the riverine flood hazard can be found in CVC’s Watershed Planning and Regulation Policies or by contacting CVC’s Planning Department.

In order to conform with CVC’s policies, proposed development located within the  riverine flood hazard must be either wet or dry floodproofed and be designed in accordance with CVC’s Technical Guidelines for Floodproofing.

Refer to Shoreline for Lake Ontario Flood Hazard.

Technical Guidelines

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