Erosion & Sediment Control During Construction

Natural erosion by wind, water and moving ice has been occurring at slower rates since the formation of Earth. However, human interference with land such as construction activities and earth moving projects accelerates this process. The sediment laden run off from construction sites due to accelerated erosion is detrimental to aquatic habitat and can cause damage to downstream areas and infrastructure. The measures taken to control erosion and sedimentation on construction sites are known as Erosion and Sediment Controls (ESC). Credit Valley Conservation staff review development plans, inspect construction sites and educate as per the technical guidelines mentioned below.

The Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction (2019) provides guidance on the measures recommended on construction sites for erosion and sediment control. The Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction(2019) is an update to the original 2006 GGHA Conservation Authorities Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline for Urban Construction to reflect current best management practices, new policies and legislative changes.

Discharge of sediment or sediment laden runoff to watercourse falls under the broad category of spills and should be reported to the Ministry of Environment Spills Action Centre (SAC). SAC is staffed on a 24-hour basis and can be reached with a province-wide, toll-free telephone number (1-800-268-6060).

Technical Guidelines

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