Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) invites Orangeville residents to green their yards by learning about gardening with native plants during an upcoming free workshop October 5, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Monora Park Pavilion.

Whether your home is located on a small urban lot or a sprawling rural property, there are plenty of simple ways for residents to work with nature to create a beautiful oasis. CVC will help residents choose low maintenance plants and features for their yards that are also friendly to local butterflies, insects, birds and water systems.

“Homeowners may find that striving for manicured and high maintenance landscaping can be costly and disappointing,” said Holly Nadalin, Program Coordinator, Headwaters Outreach. “We’ll be recommending native plants that are adapted to local climate and soils, and are more vigorous and hardy than their non-native relatives. The fall is also a great time to be planting trees, shrubs and perennials.”

The CVC team will identify beautiful native plants that can withstand lower rainfall, and are resistant to a wider range of local pests, making chemical treatment unnecessary. Native plants can also withstand competition from other plants, which ultimately means less weeding.

The information in this workshop is oriented toward neighbourhoods in Orangeville, but all are welcome to attend. Local residents can sign up at the event to receive a free tree or shrub planted by CVC. Register online for the “Your Green Yard” event at  .

For further information please contact: Holly Nadalin at [email protected] or 905-670-1615 ext. 449.


Conservation Authorities are a provincial/municipal partnership. CVC was established by an act of the province in 1954 with a mandate to protect all natural resources other than minerals in the area drained by the Credit River. We have been working for over 50 years with our partner municipalities and stakeholders to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River Watershed for present and future generations.


Bethany Lee

Community Relations

Credit Valley Conservation

905-670-1615 ext. 385

[email protected]

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