Issued to:        Municipalities, Police, Emergency Services, School Boards, Media, Local Conservation Authorities, CVC Staff and Board Members

Time:              9:15 A.M.

Environment Canada is forecasting the risk of thunderstorms for today into Wednesday. Scattered localized thunderstorms may bring rainfall in amounts greater than the forecasted 10-15 mm in some areas.

With watercourses in our area at already higher than normal water levels, local streams and rivers may continue to rise as a result of the additional rainfall. Watercourses will continue to be dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams.  Children should be warned to stay away from all watercourses.    

CVC will continue to closely monitor weather and water levels in the watershed.  The Flood Outlook Statement will be in effect through to Wednesday July 10, 2013 or until further notice. 

For more information on this Flood Outlook Statement, please contact the CVC during office ours at 905- 670-1615.  In the event of an afterhours flood emergency please call 1-800-215-8505.

Amanda Cousins
Flood Duty Officer 

NOTE:      A Watershed Condition Statement for Flood Outlook is issued as an early notice of the potential for flooding based on weather forecast of heavy rain, snow melt, high wind or other conditions that could lead to high runoff, ice jams, shoreline flooding or erosion.

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Conservation Authorities are a provincial/municipal partnership. CVC was established by an act of the province in 1954 with a mandate to protect all natural resources other than minerals in the area drained by the Credit River. We have been working for almost 60 years with our partner municipalities and stakeholders to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River watershed for present and future generations. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario

Media Contact:
Maureen Pogue
Manager Corporate Communications
905-670-1615, ext 242
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