Island Lake 2019 Bass Derby Results

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 by Sandy


1st place Bass:          Mark Bonello – 4.22LB 17.7”

2nd place Bass:        Mark Porcho – 3.8lb, 18.5”

3rd place Bass:         Ian Tracy – 3.67lb, 19.1”

4th place Bass:       Jim Tanner – 3.54lb, 17.8”

5th place Bass:         Nicholas Coles – 3.48lb, 18.4”

6th place Bass:        Japhet Esmeralda – 3.45lb, 18.7”

7th place Bass:        Hew Spicer – 3.39lb, 19.0”

8th place Bass:       Tanner Key – 3.4lb, 18.2”

9th place Bass:        Mathew LeBlanc – 3.26lb, 18.5”

10th place Bass:     Kyle Pender -3.30lb, 17.7”

1st place Pike: Mathew Poon – 3.28lb, 26.3”

1st place Perch:  Jean Pierre (JP)  Lauzon –

1st place Crappie: Martin Himelson – 1.14lb, 12.6”


Largemouth Bass            Francesco Albanese – 2.9lb, 17.5”

Perch                                 Cecilia Mitchel – 0.2lb, 7.3”

Pumpkinseed                   Ethan Mitchel – 0.4lb, 7.9”

Rockbass                          Andrew Spicer- 0.9lb, 6.5”

Crappie                             Olivia Bonnella – 0.3lb, 8.9”

No Pike winner!


Pumpkinseed    Qyestion Dennis  – 0.8lb, 9.4”

Rockbass            Mathew Lam – 0.7lb, 9.5”

Pike                     Beau Mason – 0.9lb, 17.4”

Perch                   Cecilia Mitchel – 0.2lb, 7.4”

Crappie               Paige Thomson – 0.6lb, 10.2”

Bass                     Addison Donaldson –  1.7lb, 15.4”

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