2017 Bass Derby Results

Monday, July 10, 2017 by Sandy

Adults Category:

Place Name Score Weight Length
1st Place Bass Oliver 2536 4.50 19.0
2nd Place Bass Jaime 2463 4.30 18.9
3rd Place Bass Mike 2443 4.25 19.7
4th Place Bass Tai 2343 4.11 18.5
5th Place Bass Rob 2294 4.00 18.6
6th Place Bass Richard 2264 3.98 17.8
7th Place Bass Brady 2246 3.92 18.3
8th Place Bass Andre 2220 3.83 18.4
9th Place Bass Lee 2179 3.78 18.0
10th Place Bass Kaylen 2048 3.50 18.3
Pike Daniel 2774 4.51 28.40
Perch Nolan 635 0.75 11.55
Crappie Jordan 602 0.70 11.00

Sunday Children’s Category:

Species Name Score Weight Length
Bass Philip 1338 2.07 15.58
Perch J.P 534 0.60 10.70
Crappie Landon 380 0.35 8.60
PumpkinSeed Jack 544 0.68 9.16
Rock Bass Payton 347 0.33 7.70


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