Learn to Care for Your Land and Water with CVC

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) invites rural landowners to attend a Caring for Your Land and Water workshop. The workshop is for landowners who want to add natural beauty, attract wildlife and improve the environment on their property. The workshop takes place on Saturday, February 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Acton Town Hall Centre, 19 Willow St. N., Acton.

Participants will learn about local environmental issues, identify their conservation goals and create a personalized action plan. Topics include pollinator patches, septic and well maintenance, tree planting, wetland creation and more.

“We love to see property owners taking steps to become environmental stewards of their land,” said Mike Puddister, Deputy CAO and Director of Watershed Transformation at CVC. “This workshop shows you how to make the most of your rural land. Your actions will positively impact the environment, even beyond your own property.”

Workshop participants can apply for funding through CVC’s Landowner Action Fund. The program provides financial support and expert advice to landowners for projects that protect drinking water, create inviting homes for wildlife and help our environment adapt to climate change.

The workshops are free to attend thanks to funding from CVC’s regional and municipal partners. Space is limited, so register at www.creditvalleyca.ca/events. For more information call 1-800-668-5557 ext. 436. Landowners owning one acre or more of rural property in the Credit River Watershed receive preference.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a local conservation authority established by the Ontario government in 1954 to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River watershed. That watershed is the area of land defined by where all rainfall, snowmelt and runoff drains into lands and waters flowing into the Credit River. CVC creates connections between people and nature, knowledge and action. It inspires a deep appreciation for the role of nature in keeping people connected, healthy and happy. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario.


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