October 2, 2014 – The autumn season brings shorter days, colder nights and a beautiful display of colours along the Credit River.  The progress of the fall colour change can be unpredictable because of rapid temperature change, rain and wind. If you wait too long you may miss the fall spectacle.

Some of the best places to admire fall colours are just a short drive from the city. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has a number of conservation areas that offer an ideal backdrop to take in nature’s changing spectrum of colours.

“The autumn is always a beautiful time to visit our conservation areas,” said Judi Orendorff, Director, Lands and Natural Heritage for CVC. “The colour change on each of our properties is due to the dominant tree species in the area. Maples offer brilliant reds and oranges. Ash, birch and poplar turn a yellow colour. Oaks often show deep browns and coniferous trees remain green to balance out the colour change.”

Some of the best autumn displays can be seen at Belfountain, Terra Cotta, Limehouse and Silver Creek Conservation Areas, in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment. There is plenty of colour, too, from Rattray Marsh on the shores of Lake Ontario to Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville. Each of the areas offers opportunities galore to appreciate the fall colour change on trails, boardwalks or bike paths.

“Colour change can happen very quickly in the fall,” said Orendorff. “It’s best to plan ahead and know where you want to visit. Belfountain Conservation Area is very popular at this time of year so arrive early. Terra Cotta Conservation Area is another great property that offers brilliant colour change and natural beauty for people of all ages.”

For information and maps to CVC conservation areas, please visit http://www.creditvalleyca.ca/enjoy-the-outdoors/.


 Conservation Authorities are a provincial/municipal partnership. CVC was established by an act of the province in 1954 with a mandate to protect all natural resources other than minerals in the area drained by the Credit River. We have been working for 60 years with our partner municipalities and stakeholders to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River watershed for present and future generations. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario.

Photos (Credit Jon Clayton, CVC):

Terra Cotta Conservation Area – https://cvc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Terra-Cotta-1.jpg

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area – https://cvc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Rattray-Marsh-Fall-Colours-8.jpg

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