Friday, Aug. 24, 2012 – Environment Minister Jim Bradley broke ground today on construction of an innovative water technology at IMAX Corporation in Mississauga. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and its partners are installing the technology to treat stormwater before it enters our rivers and Lake Ontario.

The Province of Ontario has recognized CVC and its 40 partners’ leadership in water innovation through a $1 million Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) grant toward projects at nine separate sites in Mississauga, Caledon and Halton Hills. Private and public contributions bring total investment in the new technologies to more than $4 million.

The aim of SWI is to increase public and private sector knowledge and capacity to implement innovative water technologies into existing and future developments that will protect the Great Lakes, source of drinking water for more than 80 per cent of Ontarians and a contributor of over $49 billion dollars in gross domestic product.

“By helping communities find innovative ways to manage stormwater, our government is finding new ways to keep the Great Lakes healthy, “said Minister Bradley. “Projects like this protect our water resources, create local green industry jobs and position Ontario as a national leader in water technology.”

Rainfall from the IMAX property flows into Sheridan Creek which flows into the provincially significant Rattray Marsh and Lake Ontario. The IMAX parking lot will be redesigned by local consultant Aquafor Beech to incorporate innovative technologies offered by local companies Imbrium and Unilock.

“For over forty years, IMAX films have documented the beauty of our natural world as well as the challenges it faces, inspiring audiences to make a change. In keeping with this legacy, we are delighted to take part in this innovative program that will keep our water resources healthy for generations to come,” says Mark Welton, President of IMAX Theatres. “Today, it is our hope that we inspire other local businesses to participate and share in our commitment to invest in programs that help protect and improve our environment.”

“We are excited to take part in a construction project that is designed to manage stormwater runoff and improve water quality in Sheridan Creek. This new technology will also remedy a number of challenging maintenance issues and reduce our operating costs over the long term,” said Nancy Cole, Facility and Administration Manager at IMAX.

CVC is considered a leader in water technologies for stormwater management and watershed protection, working with municipalities and the business community to implement demonstration sites across the Regions of Peel and Halton and County of Dufferin to reduce flooding and erosion and improve water quality entering our rivers and Lake Ontario.

“We are very fortunate to have this partnership with the province and IMAX to be able to monitor the performance of these innovative technologies to advance our understanding of watershed protection,” said Christine Zimmer, CVC’s Manager of Protection and Restoration.

“Not only will this project help protect the Credit River, one of the few remaining cold-water fisheries in the Lake Ontario Basin, it will also create local green jobs in our community and position Ontario as leaders in water,” said Dave Maunder of Aquafor Beech.

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