July 5, 2011 – Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) invites residents of Mississauga to participate in a community survey about the Lake Ontario shoreline in the weeks to come. The purpose of the survey is to gather information on how local residents and visitors view and use Lake Ontario’s shoreline, with particular emphasis on natural elements.

CVC will be asking community members about areas of the shoreline they visit, their activities and reasons for visiting. The survey also asks which natural features of the shoreline are important to them, and their concerns and attitudes towards restoration and future use of the waterfront.

Information gathered by CVC will assist in planning conservation and restoration initiatives. The information will become an integral part of the Lake Ontario Integrated Shoreline Strategy (LOISS) being developed by CVC and its partners. The goal of the strategy will be to improve the shoreline so it is healthier and more enjoyable for everyone in the community.

The survey of the sample population will be conducted door-to-door by CVC employees from July 6 to August 26. Similar surveys will be conducted with visitors to public parks along the waterfront. An online version of the survey is also available on the CVC website www.creditvalleyca.ca/survey for anyone who would like to give their opinions.

For further information please contact: [email protected] or 905-670-1615.

Conservation Authorities are a provincial/municipal partnership. CVC was established by an act of the province in 1954 with a mandate to protect all natural resources other than minerals in the area drained by the Credit River. We have been working for over 50 years with our partner municipalities and stakeholders to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River Watershed for present and future generations.


Bethany Lee
Community Relations
Credit Valley Conservation
905-670-1615 ext. 385
[email protected]

Tatiana Koveshnikova
Stewardship and Restoration
Credit Valley Conservation
905-670-1615 ext. 443
[email protected]

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