June 5, 2012  –  Credit Valley Conservation Water Resources Specialist Robb Lukes, along with his colleagues at CVC, and environmental design firm Emmons and Olivier, have brought home an international award recognizing CVC’s Low Impact Development Construction Guide.

The award, recently announced by the American Society of Landscape Architects (Minnesota) recognizes excellence in communicating techniques and technologies used in landscape architecture.

CVC’s Low Impact Development (LID) Construction Guide provides design guidance and specifications for designers, architects and contractors who are interested in incorporating LID techniques into their developments. LID is a rapidly developing field in water management that uses advanced techniques such as rain gardens and permeable pavement to help rain water filter into the ground, reducing polluted runoff and lessening the likelihood of erosion and flooding.

“We’re so pleased to see more builders, designers and municipalities getting on-board with LID,” said Robb Lukes, CVC Water Resources Specialist. “CVC has been at the forefront of LID technology in Canada, and we have a growing suite of great resources to help make LID a reality in communities across the country.”

Several organizations on both sides of the border are already using CVC’s LID Construction Guide to improve their environmental performance, including the City of Mississauga and the City of Toronto. 

For more information about CVC’s Low Impact Development work, please visit www.bealeader.ca. From there you can follow the ‘LID Guidance Documents’ link to find the LID Construction Guide and other helpful resources.


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