Credit Valley Conservation staff were hard at work earlier today clearing debris in the Credit River at the Erindale Park Ice Control Structure. Derbis removal ensures the ice control structure operates as intended by breaking up ice jams and reducing the risk of flooding.

“This type of regular maintenance has multiple benefits,” said John Kinkead, Deputy CAO and Director of Water Resources for Credit Valley Conservation (CVC).

Removing debris helps prevent river bank erosion as ice collects over the winter. The debris removed included garbage that was impacting fish habitat.

A CVC aquatic biologist and monitoring personnel were on site to ensure that the debris removal did not disturb too much sediment and that fish living downstream were unaffected.

Large pieces of debris accumulated along the Erindale Park Ice Control Structure.
CVC Watershed Monitoring Specialist, Jon Nodwell, monitoring water quality and ensuring that fish living downstream of the debris removal site are unaffected.


Credit Valley Conservation Foundation is a registered environmental charity that raises funds in support of the conservation projects of Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). Conservation Authorities are a provincial/municipal partnership. CVC was established by an act of the province in 1954 with a mandate to protect all natural resources other than minerals in the area drained by the Credit River. We have been working for almost 60 years with our partner municipalities and stakeholders to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River Watershed for present and future generations.

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