Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 – Mississauga and Region of Peel Councillor Pat Mullin was acclaimed as chair of Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) for her eighth consecutive term at the Authority’s meeting held Friday, Jan. 20th. The CVC board of directors consists of 12 members represented by Councillors from member municipalities within the Credit River Watershed.

“Thank you to members of the Board for your ongoing support,” said Chair Mullin. “I am proud of our staff and our significant accomplishments in environmental education, outreach, monitoring and developing in-the-ground green technology. Successes are growing.

“Member municipalities such as the Region of Peel continue to provide the lion’s share of funding for CVC. Last week’s announcement of $1 million dollars by the province of Ontario for CVC to implement innovative low-impact water management programs is appreciated, and recognizes CVC’s leadership in this area. In addition, CVC staff and Board members are developing new strategies for recreation and program revenue generation to address the funding challenges we face.”

Two vice–chairs were also elected to the CVC Board. Councillor Joan Robson, Town of Halton Hills, was elected to her second term as vice-chair. She has served on the CVC Board since 2001. Mayor Lou Maieron, Town of Erin, who was appointed to the CVC Board in 2011, was also elected vice-chair.

CVC is accountable through its Board of Directors to the municipalities and residents in the Credit River Watershed. These members approve and guide CVC programs and policies, and set its budget.

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