Get Involved

Join your local nature club and participate in their walks, field trips and lectures.

Observations made on walks and other field events within the project study area offered by the Natural Areas Inventory partners, the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club and the South Peel Naturalists' Club, contribute directly to the Natural Areas Inventory project.

The Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club is conducting salamander monitoring and the data gathered will be included in the Natural Areas Inventory.


Participate in an Upcoming Event or Workshop

Renew Your Sense of Wonder - Monday Evening Nature Hikes

Take a few hours on Monday evenings, getting away from appointments, chores, technology and hustle, to walk in peaceful places and focus on nature. The South Peel Naturalists’ Club and the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club jointly offer Monday evening walks during the summer, that anyone may attend. Check the South Peel Naturalists’ Club website for details on locations and meeting time and spots.


Help Collect Natural Areas Inventory Data

The Natural Areas Inventory relies on incidental reports of amphibians and reptiles so your sightings are important! Frog, toad and turtle records reported to the FrogWatch and Turtle Tally programs coordinated by the Adopt A Pond of the Toronto Zoo will be included in the NAI database. These programs, for FrogWatch and for Turtle Tally, have excellent tips on identification of these animals and when in doubt, good photographs are really worth a thousand words!