Natural Areas Inventory Report is Now Available Online

Check out the full report and mapping.

Natural Areas Inventory Crews Go Into the Field

In cooperation with the local and regional municipalities, and with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the NAI has been very successful in obtaining permission to access private properties in the study area. Crews have been working in the field since the beginning of June. The bird inventory work for 2008 is complete (done in a 6 week window from early June - mid July), covering 19 natural areas (approximately 2050 acres). Our bird specialist also included butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, amphibians, reptiles and some uncommon plants in his observations. The plant species and vegetation community inventories are in progress with crews working until the end of September. By midsummer, the plant specialist has done a detailed inventory of 5 large areas (650 acres total) and the vegetation community crew has mapped communities in 14 areas (1020 acres).


Natural Areas Inventory Project Logo Unveiled

With the initiation of the Natural Areas Inventory project and the collaboration between Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club, the South Peel Naturalist’s Club and Credit Valley Conservation, we are proud to unveil a logo featuring the Green Drake mayfly that symbolizes several features of the project.

Spending the first part of its life as an aquatic insect, and then transforming to a winged adult, the Green Drake has been selected as representative of the inclusive, terrestrial and aquatic scope of the Natural Areas Inventory project and as a reminder of the interconnectedness of ecosystems. The Green Drake is of special interest for the Natural Areas Inventory Project, as this once-abundant mayfly, favoured by trout and fly-fishermen of the Credit River, has been experiencing dramatic population declines on the Credit over the past few years, it is believed, as a consequence of human activities on land. The Green Drake’s predicament stands to remind us that our activities have impacts that span across ecosystem boundaries. The use of the Green Drake in the logo of the Natural Areas Inventory Project also emphasizes the importance of knowing what species and biological communities now exist in our natural areas and their status – the major objective of the project.

Like the Natural Areas Inventory project will be, the development of the logo was a collaborative effort. Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club member Irene McIlveen, a talented artist, produced the green drake graphic and Credit Valley Conservation Communications staff worked the graphic into a logo. We also wish to thank Ray Blades for providing a photograph that was used as a basis for development of the logo graphic, and entomologist Henry Frania who generously provided expert technical input on the Green Drake drawing.