Market Research and Marketing Strategy: Lot-Level Stormwater Control in the Residential Sector

July 2008, Freeman Associates

Field reconnaissance has been undertaken in order to determine and refine the appropriate type of lot-level BMPs that could be implemented on residential and municipal properties.

Field forms, developed from previous studies were used to address opportunities and constraints for lot-level BMPs. An abbreviated version of the field reconnaissance form for medium density residential land use (Table 1.0) provides a summary of potential BMPs for lot-level stormwater control in the residential sector. In-field market research involving owner-occupants of single-family residential dwellings was undertaken to identify opportunities and constraints for lot-level BMPs specific to Mississauga residents.

The overall goal of the research was to provide a City-specific profile of the single-family residential market, enabling the development of a “Made in Mississauga” marketing strategy for lot-level stormwater control in residential areas and for municipal properties and right-of-ways.


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