SWI in the News

Media Releases:

CVC Recognized for Leading-Edge Green Infrastructure in Mississauga
CVC Media Release  January 31, 2014

New Resources Showcase Green Infrastructure Leaders
CVC Media Release – August 1, 2013

Green Infrastructure Project Honoured with Award of Excellence at 11th Annual CEO Awards Gala
 CVC and partners’ innovative stormwater management retrofit project at Elm Drive, recognized with engineering award of excellence by Annual Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) 

Ask  A Designer Night in Alton
CVC Media Advisory – April 4, 2013

Experts Share Knowledge on Innovative Water Technologies to Protect the Great Lakes
CVC Media Release – October 4, 2012

Keynote Speakers Announced for Low Impact Development in Action Conference
CVC Media Release – September 13, 2012

Environment Minister Breaks Ground on Water Quality Project
CVC Media Release – August 24, 2012

What Will Your Neighbourhood Look Like in the Future
CVC Media Release – June 11, 2012

The Province of Ontario Awards CVC $1 Million Grant to Protect Drinking Water
CVC Media Release – January 17, 2012

External News/Blog Articles:

Lakeview redevelopment takes shape
Mississauga Business Times (pg. 19) – April, 2014

Mississauga wins Sustainable Communities award
Water Canada – February 13, 2014

Investing in New Technologies to Manage Stormwater Differently
CVC Media Release – September 25, 2013

Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) Engagement Series – Let it Rain
By Jennifer Drake and Lesley Herstein, University of Toronto. October 3, 2013

Tour looks at green infrastructure projects across city
A tour hosted by Credit Valley Conservation on September 14th took participants around Mississauga to check out some innovative green infrastructure projects. September 25, 2013

A Day of LID
Water Canada recounts CVC’s third Showcasing Leaders in Water Innovation Sites Tour. September 25, 2013

Storm Clouds Ahead
Mississauga Life calls for new commitments to be made for municipal stormwater management. September 2013

Flash Flood!
Mississauga Life discusses how residents are coping in the aftermath of the July 8thStorm. September 2013

Rainwater harvesting turns weather into resources
Building Strategies & Sustainability looks at managing rainwater on-site to turn downpours into smaller water bills. September 9, 2013 

Mississauga moves toward pavement tax
Toronto Star – city needs ‘big, big money’ to address storm-water infrastructure. September 11, 2013

Stormwater Management Done the Green Way
Mississauga News focuses on Green Infrastructure within Mississauga and Peel. August 6, 2013

Elm Drive Stormwater Project Honoured
Novæ Res Urbis section withmention of Elm Drive stormwater retrofit project. May 1, 2013 

CVC recognized for engineering excellence
Daily Commercial News recognizing award given to CVC/TMIG partnership from Consulting Engineers of Ontario. May 10, 2013

Water Canada – TMIG Awarded for Stormwater Retrofit
Water Canada recognizing award given to CVC/TMIG partnership from Consulting Engineers of Ontario. April 30, 2012

Innovative water tech companies in Ontario are making urban parking lots ‘GREEN’
Water Tap Ontario video discussing SWI, IMAX and CVC’s parking lot project. March 7, 2013

Reducing Urban Flooding through ‘Green Streets’
Cat Tales – E-Newsletter of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction – Vol 6, Issue 4, 2012 (Page 5)

Why Plan? Calendar – March 2013
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing – Feature Link to CVC’s Low Impact Development Page

Minister’s Annual Reporton Drinking Water – 2012
CVC mentioned for Innovative LID work on page 19 of report

Water Treatment Drives CVC Conference
Mississauga Business Times Special Green Feature – November 2012

Great Ideas Flow From CVC’s Water Conference
Mississauga Business Times Special Green Feature – November, 2012

The Low-down on Low-Impact Development
Liaison BILD – Goverment Relations E-Newsletter

Clean Water Technology: Low Impact Development Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You
Construction Canada – October 2012

Washed Out: The Importance of Low Impact Development
NRU – October 10, 2012

CVC Conference Discusses New Ways to Protect Great Lakes
Mississauga News – October 6, 2012

Expert to speak at CVC conference
Mississauga News – September 13, 2012

Parking Lot Retrofit Protects Lake Ontario
Mississauga Living Green – August 30,2102

IMAX uses experimental parking lot design to reduce stormwater contamination in Mississauga, Ontario
Daily Commercial News and Construction Record – August 28, 2012

Ontario Helps IMAX Protect the Great Lakes
Water Canada – August 27, 2012

Green Parking Lot Protects Drinking Water
Mississauga News – August 24, 2012

Grant Makes Garden Grow
Independent Free Press – February 22, 2012

Province Gives CVC $1M
Mississauga News – January 17, 2012


Radio Broadcasts:

Pavement Could Be Used to Purify Water – featuring John Kinkead Deputy CAO & Director, Water Resources Management and Restoration
CBC Points North – August 27, 2012



CVC Showcasing Water Innovation Sites on Flickr

IMAX Ground Breaking Event with Environment Minister Jim Bradley
August 24, 2012

Province Gives CVC $1M
January 17, 2012


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