LID Maintenance & Monitoring

CVC monitors LID sites to better understand maintenance needs and how LID performs over time.

Low impact development is an emerging approach to stowmwater management. In many instances, it outperforms traditional stormwater infrastructure. CVC is leading the effort to understand the long-term performance and life-cycle costs of LID technologies.

LID Monitoring Technical Reports

Technical Reports specific to CVC sites.

LID Monitoring Executive Summary

Monitoring Report Advancing Low Impact Development as a Smart Solution for Stormwater Management…

LID Monitoring Plans

Monitoring plans specific to CVC sites.

LID Monitoring Other Documents

CVC Stormwater Monitoring Strategy October 2012, Version 1.

LID Monitoring Guide

CVC Stormwater Management and Low Impact Development Monitoring and Performance Assessment Guide.

LID Monitoring Sites

Site Monitoring Plan Monitoring Technical Report Case Study Fact Sheet Central Parkway  link…