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The Village of Alton is a small municipality located in Caledon, Ontario. Conservation and protection of water resources is important in helping to maintain the village’s groundwater resources.

Through studies, CVC has found that retrofitting with low impact development practices is a cost-effective means of optimizing infrastructure and protecting water resources.

The purpose of the Alton Village SWI Project is to provide small municipalities with a marketing strategy template on how to implement LID features such as rain gardens, roof leader disconnection, permeable driveways on residential lots.

The creation of a marketing strategy template for small municipalities involves:

  • Assessment of village demographics
  • Review of available case studies and field results
  • Engagement of local community groups for advice and support
  • Developing a cost-effective social marketing approach for Alton
  • Defining implementation barriers and methods to overcome these barriers
  • Assessment of water conservation and climate change implications
  • Development of a comprehensive ‘How-to’ guide for implementing and marketing a successful residential LID program for large, medium and small municipalities (note: other marketing strategies will be shared in the guide)

Project Schedule


After completion of the demographic study and completion of meetings with Alton community groups, CVC in conjunction with a marketing consultant and the Town of Caledon drafted the Alton Marketing Plan in Spring, 2013.


The marketing strategy is currently being implemented. As part of the marketing strategy, CVC and its partners are engaging both residents of Alton, retail businesses, and the local professional landscaping community.

CVC’s Ask A Designer Night was a huge success through the engagement of residents and local businesses. CVC in partnership with Peel Fusion will be providing Alton residents with landscape consultation and improved lot level stormwater management.

Going beyond the scope of the current SWI project, CVC has been successful in winning $ 50,000 from Shell’s Fuelling Change  contest (pending review of all contest winners) to construct a rain garden at Alton Park next to Alton Public School  CVC will be working closely with Alton residents, the Town of Caledon, and of course teachers, students, & administration from Alton Public School in aim to construct the rain garden in Fall 2013.  

Fuelling Change Pamphlet

Monitoring Goals

  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing strategy in engaging and changing residential water use behaviours and residential landscaping practices.
  • Assess effectiveness of LID for water conservation and stormwater management at the residential lot level

Monitoring Progress

A residential monitoring protocol has been developed and being reviewed by CVC’s monitoring team.  The monitoring protocol will provide guideance to municipalities in the monitoring of LID features and water conservation efforts at the site and catchment scale.

Ask A Designer Night Event

The “Ask a Designer Night” took place on April 18th with 44 residents fromAltonand surrounding areas attending.  Residents had the opportunity to consult with leading landscape designers Kent Ford from Kent Ford Designs and Sean James of Fern Ridge Landscaping (both featured on HGTV and City TV).   Designers Gino Piscelli from Peel’s Fusion landscaping program and Melanie Kramer from CVC’s Your Green Yard also joined as designers for the evening.


Local nursery Botanix Alton Greenhouse and Garden Centre was present for the event providing residents with expertise on plants and soils that work best inAlton. 

Residents of Alton also had the opportunity to apply to win 1 of 2 professionally designed gardens for their home as a showcase to the community.

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Upcoming Events

Landscaper training tentatively scheduled for June, 2013.

Past Events

Ask a Designer Night – April 18, 2013

The “Ask a Designer Night” is a free event on April 18th is open to all Alton residents.  At the event, attendees will garner landscaping ideas for this spring and summer season and have opportunity to ask landscape designers Kent Ford and Sean James (featured on HGTV and City TV).

Attendees can also apply to win 1 of 2 professionally designed gardens.

Community Meeting – November 22, 2012

A community representative meeting was held on Thursday, November 22 at the Alton Legion. Members from the Alton Village Association, Alton Grange, Alton Public School, Peel District School Board, Headwater Arts Association, Town of Caledon and the Alton Mill attended.

A presentation showcased opportunities and the general approach to the LID residential lands project. Community representatives provided input and feedback towards the project. This initial community representative meeting was an important first step to make any changes to the project prior to it being rolled-out to the entire community.

Artist renderings were showcased to community representatives to obtain initial feedback on the LID front yard makeover.

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 Ask a Designer Night – April 18, 2013

 Ask a Designer Night – Media Advisory – April 4, 2013

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Alton Village – Artist Renderings of residential gardens

Alton Ask A Designer Night – Postcard Invite

Alton Ask A Designer Night – Newspaper Advertisement

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