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The IMAX corporate head office, located in the Sheridan Science and Technology Park (adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Highway) in Mississauga is a demonstration site to showcase innovative stormwater management technologies on industrial-commercial land. A renovated parking lot will incorporate a variety of innovative stormwater management technologies that collect, absorb and filter pollutants from rain and stormwater runoff before it flows into Sheridan Creek. Sheridan Creek flows to Rattray Marsh (a provincially significant wetland) and eventually Lake Ontario, the source of drinking water for 8 million people. The IMAX parking lot is being redesigned by local consultant Aquafor Beech to incorporate innovative technologies offered by local companies Imbrium and Unilock.

Video from WaterTAP Ontario

As part of Ontario’s Showcasing Water Innovation program, IMAX Corporation partnered with Credit Valley Conservation and innovative Ontario companies to address stormwater issues at its headquarters in Mississauga.

WaterTAP Ontario

Innovative Clean Water Technologies

The technologies being installed at IMAX are designed to reduce the amount of runoff entering the municipal storm system and help reduce overload and flooding during extreme weather events. The most significant technologies being installed are:

Illustration of permeable paverPermeable Pavers

Specially-designed paver stones, with spacing bars that create gaps or joints between the units, laid on top of engineered soil. Permeable paving systems allow rainwater to drain away from the surface, preventing it from rushing into municipal storm systems and extending the life of the pavement by eliminating potholes and other deterioration.


Illustration of Sod Covered and Vegetated BioswalesSod Covered and Vegetated Bioswales

Landscaped grass or floral rain gardens that absorb and release rain water slowly while filtering out pollutants.



photo of Jellyfish, Sorbitive Vault and Sorbitive MediaJellyfish and SorbtiveVAULT

Industrial water filters that remove pollutants and release rain water slowly before it travels to the municipal storm system on its way to Sheridan Creek.

Project Schedule


Construction Start Date: Oct. 22, 2012
Construction End Date: August 24, 2013
Landscaping Completion: September 16, 2013

Construction is now complete. Imbrium’s Jellyfish Filter and SorbtiveVAULT installations were completed October 26th, 2013.


Monitoring Start Date: February 1, 2013 (2 weeks for installation)

Monitoring Goals

This project marks collaboration with IMAX, Ministry of Environment (MOE), Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE), Aquafor Beech Ltd., University of Guelph, Imbrium Systems, Unilock Ltd., and Maxxam.

The goal of the IMAX project is to evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques on an individual and collective basis for the purpose of assisting Approval Agencies, municipalities, watershed managers, designers and other key stakeholders with performance data to assist with SWM infrastructure sizing and to support local innovative technologies to protect our Great Lakes and economy.

Listed below are some of the site monitoring objectives

  1. Evaluate the performance of various stormwater management practices relative to a traditional asphalt-to-catchbasin system. The stormwater management practices include:
    1. Bioswale + SorbtiveMedia
    2. Bioswale + JellyFish
    3. Standard bioretention
    4. Permeable Pavement + Granular “O”
    5. Permeable Pavement + 3/4″ Clear Stone
    6. Permeable Pavement + 3/4″ Clear Stone + Bentofix Liner
  2. Evaluate any changes/impacts to local groundwater quality
  3. Optimize the design of permeable pavement systems to meet multiple objectives (Flood Control, Erosion Control, Water Balance and Thermal mitigation)
  4. Evaluate the degree to which LID mitigates the impacts of extreme events and infrastructure resiliency to Climate Change
  5. Evaluate the impacts of Maintenance & Operation on LID performance
  6. Refine and customize guidelines for LIDs (design, construction and O&M) to suit various Ontario conditions (ex. high groundwater sensitivity, commercial/industrial landuse, low permeability soils, etc.)

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring will occur upon completion of construction and landscaping. Monitoring equipment has been installed at the site:

Hydrogeology Equipment

  • 4 wells installed
  • Groundwater levels are monitored every 30 min – January 2012 to present
  • Groundwater temperature are monitored every 30 min – January 2012 to present
  • Groundwater quality sampling at 4 wells – June 2012

Meteorological Equipment

  • 1 station monitors precipitation every 15 min – July 2012 to Present
  • Air temperature equipment – pending installation

See the latest Monitoring Report for IMAX below for more information on Monitoring Progress.

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IMAX Low Impact Development Infrastructure Performance and Risk Assessment – July 2015
IMAX Monitoring Report – Fall 2013
IMAX Performance Assessment – August 2nd 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – August 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – July 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – June 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – May 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – April 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – March 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – February 2013
IMAX Monitoring Report – November 2012
IMAX Parking Lot Design Concept
IMAX Factsheet

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Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) Engagement Series – Let it Rain –  By Jennifer Drake and Lesley Herstein, University of Toronto. October 3, 2013
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Construction Progress
Ground-breaking with Minister of Environment at IMAX – August 24, 2012
Tour at IMAX – October 5, 2012
Tour at IMAX – June 19, 2013

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