Business & Multi-Residential Properties

Business and Multi-Residential properties

Across Ontario, owners and operators of businesses, colleges, universities and multi-residential properties are facing seemingly competing issues: rising costs, the pressure to conduct operations sustainably and the need to manage stormwater on their properties in the face of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and aging municipal infrastructure.


Low impact development (LID) provides you with an eco-friendly way to manage stormwater on your property, ensuring you protect your assets and business operations from the impacts of stormwater, green your property and build your green brand. LID will also help you meet municipal, provincial and federal regulations as well as meet your organization’s sustainability targets.

Guidance Documents

Are you an owner, property manager, operator or staff member of a business, multi-residential property, college or university interested in promoting eco-friendly practices on your property? This guide can show you how.

The Low Impact Development Business and Multi-Residential Retrofits presents the business case for LID and provides in-depth guidance, tools and case studies to help you retrofit proprieties of all sizes.

Grey to Green Retrofits: Business and Multi-Residential (link to report)

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Case Studies

Business & Multi-Residential demonstration sites

IMAX Business & Multi-Residential case study
IMAX Headquarters, Mississauga