2014 Award Recipients

Certificate of Merit Winners

Alpha Phi Omega Mississauga Alumni Association
Recognizing strong participation in volunteer tree planting events which improve the health of the Credit River watershed

City of Mississauga Council
Recognizing municipal leadership in low impact development

Don & Karen McClellan
Recognizing leadership in environmental farm stewardship and water quality protection

Eric & Gillian Mileham
Recognizing efforts to implement low impact development on their property and support water conservation in their community

Tracy Patterson – Freeman Associates
Recognizing leadership and commitment in the promotion of low impact development techniques in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Recognizing corporate leadership and employee engagement in projects that improve the ecology of their property and increase environmental awareness

India Rainbow Community Services of Peel
Recognizing commitment to share knowledge of the Credit River watershed and its ecological importance with new Canadians

Margy de Gruchy
Recognizing significant contributions to the Riverwood Stewardship Committee, Native Plant Propagation Program, and efforts to restore and protect Riverwood and Rattray Marsh

Richard & Jami Cook
Recognizing efforts to implement low impact development on their property and support water conservation in their community

Shane and Marnie Baghai
Recognizing leadership in environmental farm stewardship and commitment to sustainable agricultural production

Streetsville School Environmental Club
Recognizing ongoing commitment to increase environmental awareness among youth and to improve the Credit River watershed through tree planting and stewardship projects

The Co-operators General Insurance Company
Recognizing long-term dedication to improve the health of the Credit River watershed and improving environmental awareness among employees

Upper Credit Field Naturalists Club
Recognizing long-term commitment to provide opportunities for nature enthusiasts and the public that increase environmental awareness and support conservation in the headwaters


Conservation Award of Distinction Winners

1st Erindale Scout Group
Recognizing long-term commitment to improve the health of the Credit River watershed through stewardship of parks and natural areas in the Erindale community

John Nemeth & Alex Sales – Region of Peel
Recognizing dedication to increase the use of green infrastructure within regional roads

Rosemary Keenan
Recognizing ongoing dedication to advocate for environmental protection, influence decision makers, and strengthen environmental awareness throughout the Credit River watershed 

Alton Public School
Recognizing significant contributions to improve water quality in the headwaters, provide opportunities for students to participate in low impact development practices, and incorporate sustainability into class curriculum

Geoff and Shanna Maltby
Recognizing commitment to practice sustainable agriculture in support and recovery of threatened grassland birds through participation in Credit Valley Conservation’s new Bird-Friendly Certified Hay Program

City of Mississauga Corporate Services Department, Facilities and Property Management
Recognizing municipal leadership and commitment to sustainable development that creates a healthier watershed


Young Conservationist Winners

Volunteering Peel
Recognizing leadership to connect youth, increase environmental awareness, and promote on-the-ground activities to improve the environment

Justin Bateman
Recognizing leadership to improve the restoration efforts at Riverwood and dedication to the Native Plant Propagation Program

Conservation Award of Excellence Winner

Marolyn Morrison
Recognizing long-term dedication and exceptional leadership with the Credit Valley Conservation

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