2013 Award Recipients

Watershed Legacy Donor

Deirdre Wright – Caledon
Recognizing partnership with the Ontario Farmland Trust to protect 100 acres in perpetuity through a farmland conservation easement, a first of its kind in Ontario

Lorna Bethell – Caledon
Recognizing partnership with the Ontario Farmland Trust to protect 100 acres in perpetuity through a farmland conservation easement

Award of Distinction

Halton Peel Woodlands & Wildlife Stewardship (HPWWS) – Halton and Peel45
Recognizing ongoing leadership to support initiatives that connect communities, increase environmental awareness and encourage stewardship behaviour

United Parcel Service Canada Limited – Mississauga
Recognizing significant support of Credit Valley Conservation’s volunteer program and engaging their employees and their families in environmental projects which increase environmental awareness and improve the Credit River watershed

Enersource – Mississauga
Recognizing significant contributions to the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation in support of environmental initiatives, engaging employees in restoration projects, and inspiring others to do the same

Olive Grove School – Mississauga
Recognizing dedication to engage students in environmental projects that preserve and rehabilitate the Credit River watershed and increase environmental awareness among youth

Stephanie Hill – Mississauga
Recognizing ongoing commitment and dedication to the Native Plant Propagation Program and leadership which has increased the program results significantly and improved wildflower plantings at Riverwood Park and Rattray Marsh

Awards of Merit

Fern Ridge Landscaping – Halton
Recognizing leadership and commitment to promoting and demonstrating low impact development techniques in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation

Town of Halton Hills
Recognizing innovation and municipal leadership in stormwater management resulting in the first low impact development subdivision in the Credit River watershed

Town of Halton Hills
Recognizing significant contributions to sustainability and community awareness through the development of the Community Sustainability Strategy

Solel Congregation of Mississauga – Mississauga
Recognizing restoration efforts to improve the natural heritage of Sawmill Creek, restore native prairie, and increase environmental awareness in the community

Sathya Sai Centre of Cooksville – Mississauga
Recognizing strong participation in volunteer tree planting events which improve the health of the Credit River watershed

Maxxam Analytics – Mississauga
Recognizing partnership and commitment to support monitoring for low impact development projects in the Credit River watershed

City of Mississauga Park Development Team
Recognizing innovation among municipalities in the practice of sustainable development and leading-edge environmental solutions at Lakeside and O’Connor Parks

Caledon Central Public School – Caledon
Recognizing leadership to provide opportunities for students to participate in environmental projects which increase environmental awareness

Thaia Jones – Mississauga
Recognizing strong personal commitment and advocacy for the protection of the Natural Capital and Heritage of Mississauga

Laurie Miki – Mississauga
Recognizing participation in many volunteer events and contributing to the planting of over 7000 native trees and shrubs in the Credit River watershed

Maureen & Roger Ricker – Mississauga
Recognizing environmental stewardship and public education efforts to mainstream ecological landscaping particularly in home landscapes

Young Conservationist Award

Linda Bui – Brampton
Recognizing volunteer efforts which contribute to a healthier watershed and raise environmental awareness among youth and the community

Other Past Recipients

Jasmeet Sidhu- Young Conservationist (2008)
Recognized for her leadership as co-president of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance and for initiating a $100,000 fundraising campaign to install a green roof at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus.

Peel Region-Certificate of Merit (2009)
The Region established a Greenland’s Securement Program that assists conservation partners to secure land and provide landowners contact and education to landowners. Funding was provided by Peel Region to Credit Valley Conservation to secure land for the Upper Credit Conservation Area.

David Kendall and Grecia Mayers -Watershed Legacy Donor (2010)
For the donation of 5 acres of Niagara Escarpment property that will secure 200 meters of optimum Bruce Trail, protect habitat for wildlife, and help preserve water quality.

Credit River Anglers Association-Award of Distinction (2002)
The Association was recognized for its work to protect and restore fish habitat in the Credit watershed, from Orangeville to Port Credit. By 2002, the group had logged more then 15,000 volunteer hours and have participated in more than 100 stream rehabilitation projects.

Pat Kelly – Award of Excellence (2007)
Credit Valley Conservation’s most dedicated volunteer. Pat is involved in most restoration and monitoring projects and shares his enthusiasm and passion for the Credit River by teaching fly-tying and fly-fishing to youth.

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