1990-1997 Award Recipients

1990 Award of Distinction


Ken Whillans, Credit Valley Conservation
For his love of the environment that led him to be a member of Credit Valley Conservation Authority for 17 years and a Chairman from January 1987.


1991 Award of Distinction


Pat Hertzberg, Gordon Woods Homeowner’s Association
For initiating a program through the Gordon Woods Homeowner’s Association in attempts at controlling gypsy moth populations affecting large Oak trees.

1992 Award of Distinction


Davis Calderisi
For his dedication to the watershed and its natural resources through projects such as stream rehabilitation, supervision of Environmental Youth Corps, watershed report card kits and contributions to newsletters, national magazines and Credit Valley Conservation Authority Videos.


1993 Award of Distinction


Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club
For their continued volunteer efforts involving enhancement projects, education seminars and generous donations to improving sites throughout the watershed.

1994 Certificate of Merit


Credit River Anglers Association
The Credit River Anglers Association has devoted many hours of volunteer labour to create fish habitat improvements in the Credit River and its tributaries; and the association has demonstrated the power of the public’s involvement in the stewardship of the natural resources of the watershed.

Consumer Gas
Consumer Gas assisted the Authority in many conservation projects in the watershed through the financial contributions and many hours of volunteer labour by its employees; and Consumer Gas has adopted the Ken Whillans Resource Management Area.

1994 Award of Distinction


Yvonne Bendell Rattray Marsh Protection Association
Yvonne Bendell has distinguished herself in her service to the community through her many years of involvement with the Rattray Marsh Protection Association, and many generations of watershed residents have and will continue to enjoy and appreciate the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area as a result of her tireless efforts. Yvonne has displayed exemplary commitment to the principles of Conservation Through Cooperation


1995 Certificate of Merit


Martin and Barbara McCreath

Momat Development Inc.

River Oaks Group/ Mongomery Village

Mr and Mrs. Richard Brault

1995 Award of Distinction


Alec Raeburn
To recognize Alec’s distinguished and exemplary service to the watershed community.


John Bisset
In recognition of John’s  14 years of volunteer work



1996 Award of Distinction


Markborough Properties Inc.
In recognition for their outstanding contributions to planning, community participation, conservation, and rehabilitation within the Credit Valley Watershed.

Parents Encourage Participation
In recognition for their outstanding contributions to planning, community participation, conservation, and rehabilitation within the Credit Valley Watershed.

Rattray Marsh Protection Association
In recognition for their outstanding contributions to planning, community participation, conservation, and rehabilitation within the Credit Valley Watershed.

Treetop Conservation Group
In recognition for their outstanding contributions to planning, community participation, conservation, and rehabilitation within the Credit Valley Watershed.


1st Erindale & 1st Cooksville Boy Scouts Troops
These scouts have been involved in tree planting and naturalization activities in Erindale Park since 1985. They’ve planted 500 potted trees per year, with a cumulative total of approximately 3600 trees.

1997 Award of Distinction


Dufferin North Peel Anglers & Hunters
For conducting waterfowl management projects at Island Lake Conservation Area, managing the controlled waterfowl hunt, participating in the Subwatershed #19 focus group, and for participating in  volunteer workdays. They also planted a buffer strip along Monora Creek and contributed financially to help purchase the Credit River Wild Trout signs.

Sonya Drummond
For her skills in Landscape Architecture  illustrating the natural and cultural resources, including the management plan concept for the Island Lake Conservation Area. For over 6 months Sonya visited the Conservation Area to get a sense of place. Her efforts resulted in 10 landscape illustrations that give added meaning to the plan. These illustrations are to be included in the plan document and have been important in communicating the plan to the public.


Ellen Webb
As a teacher at Erin Public School, Ellen practices the conservation ethic both in her professional and public duties and volunteer work. Her activities with grades 2/3 students include water sampling, environmental inventories, species identification, and the development of a watershed report card. She also organized a sleep over at her house so the children could wake up early to see the Credit River and it’s wildlife on an early morning trip. Ellen also supported sub watershed #15, her class producing posters which were displayed at public meetings.

Halton District Boy Scouts
The scouts have been involved with tree planting for over 20 years, planting an estimated 80,000 seedlings on such properties as Silver Creek, Forest Tracts, Terra Cotta Forest, and the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area. In addition they have been involved in stream bank buffer plantings and the regeneration within Cedarvale Park, Georgetown.

Mississauga Bassmasters
For creating a fish habitat using skids and Christmas trees and posted catch and release signs at Island Lake Conservation Area. They also organize a catch and release bass tournament at Island Lake Conservation Area, providing valuable data for management purposes, and profit being donated to CVC. This money was used to purchase catch and release signs for Island Lake Conservation Area and  Ken Whillans Resource Management Area. In addition the Club participates in the Urban Fisheries Festival at Lake Aquataine, and hold children’s workshops to develop casting skills.

Paul McCallion
In recognition of his work with the Mississauga Boosters for their work in production of the waterways newspaper. Through their extensive and expensive efforts, the paper has reached over 100,000 people throughout the watershed.

Tim Lukasewich, Mississauga News
In recognition of Tims work with the Mississauga News to develop the Credit Valley Conservation Website.

Elora Cataract Trailway Association
A group of 17 people has worked intensely to manage the trailway from the Cataract to the 6th line of Erin and passively to the village of Orton. They organise 4 public workdays each year to improve the trailway.

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