1986-1989 Award Recipients

1986 Award of Distinction

H.H. Stewart
In recognition of his 36-years involved in the natural resource management of the Credit Valley Watershed and his 27 years of service to the Authority, of which he served 6 years as Chairman.

R.K. Harrison
In recognition of his 21 years of dedicated service to the Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

City of Mississauga
In recognition for their efforts at maintaining the beauty of the valley and its contents throughout the construction of the Burnhamthrope Bridge.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada
In recognition for providing the Conservation Authority the opportunity to acquire and preserve lands.

City of Brampton
The City of Brampton’s effort to protect the Fletcher’s Creek Valley though plantings and erosion control programs.

Trout Unlimited
Trout Unlimited’s consistent past effort and continued support was formally recognized with the Conservation Award of Distinction.

Rattray Marsh Protection Association
For their volunteer efforts, which provided the Authority with information regarding new wildlife sightings, maintenance requirements, and any incidents of vandalism.

Erin Mills Land Development Corporation
In recognition of the Erin Mills Development Corporation’s generour donation of 47 acres of valley and floodplain lands located on the south side of Burnhamthrope Road at the Credit River in Mississauga.

1987 Award of Distinction

Ministry of the Environment
For organizing and funding the 1987 SCOUR (Students Cleaning Our Rivers) Program.

Trout Unlimited South Ontario Chapter/ Izaak Walton Fly Fishermen’s Club
For their generous donations leading to the modification of the Belfountain Dam ensuring low summer water temperatures at critical locations along the river.

Dufferin Peel Catholic Separate School Board
For their shared efforts and expertise in education leading successfully to the Cooperative Outdoor Education program in the Fall.

Calvin Cadet Corps Ontario Council
For coordinating a 1050 person ethical camping event focused on rebuilding most of the Silver Creek Education Centre’s nature trails, Bruce Trail improvements in Silver Creek & Terra Cotta conservation areas, and trail improvements & fencing projects in Belfountain conservation area.

Mr and Mrs. Doug Hancock
In demonstrating an exemplary attitude toward their responsibility as Stewards of the natural resources contained on their property.

1988 Award of Distinction

Alloa Public School
For their Youth Planning and Planting for tomorrow program which set aside 50 acres of land for a school forest where approximately 8000 trees were planted in the past two years.

Township of Mono
For their commitment to the future quality of life by providing diversity and abundance of existing open space, recognizing future needs and the recreational benefits of such planning.

1989 Award of Distinction

The Regional Municipality of Halton
For providing a means of recognizing the importance of the environment to a municipality through the involvement of the Ecological Environmental Advisory Committee established in the late 1970’s.

Du Pont Canada Inc. & Employees
For their attempt at combating erosion by way of generous donation and employee involvement in the Trees of Today and Tomorrow program and for their continuing efforts for this cause throughout southern Ontario.

The Peel Board of Education
For demonstrating a vision to conservation practices through their efforts in the design of a naturalistic meandering channel servicing upstream land in a Land Stewardship and Conservation Demonstration.

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