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This curriculum-based video series brings a local focus to issues taking place in the Credit River watershed such as climate change, water quality, biodiversity and the importance of urban green spaces for health and wellness in our communities.

When using this resource, students watch a video online and complete a short questionnaire to gauge their understanding. They can then participate in the in-class activity that is provided which complements the video. The activities actively engage students in community environmental issues and connect to the Ministry of Education Ontario Curriculum.


Select a topic from the list below.  If your primary interest is BIOLOGY – your class might be interested in “Bringing Back the Brook Trout”.  If your interest is ENGINEERING – your class might be interested in “Low Impact Development”.  If your interest is SOCIAL IMPACTS – your class might be interested in “Food, Farming, and Climate Change”.  Each topic has its own video, teacher guide, student guide and associated resources for download.  Use all three to get a great overview of climate change solutions being used here in our watershed.

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Video Series

Bring Back the Brook Trout
What are Brook Trout and how are they being affected by climate change? Watch this video to learn how high school students are working alongside Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) scientists to restore Brook Trout habitat and prepare the Credit River for climate change.
Food, Farming and Climate Change
How does climate change affect your food? Watch this video to learn how climate change affects farms and what farmers in your area are doing about it.
Climate Change Solutions – Low Impact Development
What is Low Impact Development (LID)? Watch this video to learn how climate change affects cities and urban areas and how LID features can help reduce the stress on urban infrastructure.



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