Elementary School Program

Fish painting at Green Glade Public School

How Does it Work?

  1. Find a chain-link fence in good condition and get permission to use the fence for a mural from the owner of the property. Make sure the fence is not due for replacement in the next five years.
  2. Contact CVC to register for the program. Get staff, students and parents excited about the project and arrange for volunteers to help prepare the wooden fish, schedule the painting and education workshops, and help with mural installation.
  3. Prepare the wooden fish (CVC will supply the patterns, instructions and guidance).
  4. Provide space to present the workshops. The art workshop requires a well-ventilated, bright room. Trained instructors from CVC will present the watershed education and Dreamfish painting workshops to the students.
  5. CVC designs and directs the mural installation with the help of volunteers provided by the school.

    You should start the process of preparing the wooden fish at least six to eight weeks prior to your scheduled workshop and mural installation date. This will allow you enough time to acquire the plywood and have the Dreamfish prepared.

    Program Cost Estimate

    Estimated costs are $5 per participant plus materials for the wooden fish (some or all of these materials can be scrounged or donated by local companies).

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