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Stream of Dreams fish mural on fence

The Community Stream of Dreams™ program is an opportunity for members of community groups and institutions to learn about and engage in activities that will protect the environment. Community group members will learn how to protect their local water resources through community and individual actions and every member will paint a Dreamfish to signify their commitment to caring for our streams, rivers and lakes.

This program is currently only available to community groups located within Peel Region.  The program is held only from June – September and community groups must apply to participate.  Applications are considered on a first-come first-serve basis.

How it works

  1. Your group finds a suitable location on which to display the mural and gets written permission to use the site for the project from the owner of the property. The site must be in good condition and semi-permanent, e.g. a chain link fence should not be due for replacement in the five years following mural installation.
  2. Contact CVC to register for the program. A minimum of 100 participants and 200 fish are required to make the program cost effective.
  3. Purchase (or have donated) the materials required for wooden fish preparation for the painting workshop (approx. cost of $1.00/fish). (Includes: purchase of plywood, Enviroguard brand of safety blue and white base coat paint).
  4. Organize a labour force to prepare the fish. This will involve tracing and cutting out the fish, drilling holes, and base-coating of fish prior to workshop.)
  5. Participate in the watershed education and Dreamfish painting workshops; your group needs to supply a well-ventilated, bright room or a covered outdoor area, and if weather permits, three to five tables for painting and a separate space where the education component of the workshop can be held.
  6. Provide community volunteers to assist Stream of DreamsTM staff with installing the mural at a convenient time for both groups.  Stream of DreamsTM staff will design and direct the installation of the mural.
  7. Organize an unveiling ceremony for the mural with the Stream of DreamsTM staff inviting all the community group’s members, volunteers, and donors, CVC board members, local media, and local councillors/politicians.


Community groups pay a flat rate fee of $100 for 100 or more participants to the CVC for delivery of program due on the day of mural installation.

You should start the process of preparing the wooden fish at least six to eight weeks prior to your scheduled workshop and mural installation date. This will allow you enough time to acquire the plywood and have the Dreamfish prepared.

Call 905-670-1615 for applications for 2011.

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