Stream of Dreams™

Stream of Dreams mural

Stream of Dreams™ is an educational program that teaches communities about their watersheds, rivers and streams, with the charm of community art. Stream of Dreams™ is brought to you by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Stream of Dreams™ Murals Society. CVC has a licensed team available to deliver the program to elementary, catholic and private schools grades K-8. The CVC team provides planning support, instructors, paint and other supplies for the workshop, and design and supervision of the mural installation.

In workshops, participants learn about their local stream, its importance and the things they can do to protect it. After learning about their local water resources, participants create their own Dreamfish. Dreamfish are fish shapes cut from plywood beautifully painted by program participants to express their vision for healthy streams and rivers. The Dreamfish are mounted on a local chain-link fence in a stunning design as a message to the community to look after their streams and rivers.

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For more information on CVC’s education programs visit or call 905-670-1615 ext. 436 to speak to Andrea Morrone.


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