Programs Offered

Boy with butterfly


There’s No Place Like Home & Eat, Breathe, Grow!

Maple sap collection in bucket

Grade K – 8

Sweet Maple Syrup.

treasure map

Grade 1

Sensational Senses & Guardians of Terra Cotta.

Great Horned Owl

Grade 2

Animal Olympics, Insect Inspector & Ready for the Weather.

Shovel and dirt

Grade 3

Land Down Under, Lorax in the Forest & Keep Calm and Build On.

Howling Coyote

Grade 4

Soundscape Safari, Location, Location, Location & Needs of the Many.

Grade 5

Wild Art & Learning from the Land.

Grade 5-8



Grade 6

Use Your Bird Brain & Measuring Up.

Conservation Areas Map

Grade 7

Eco Map Quest & The Survival Games.

Grade 8

H2Orienteering & Wild Work.

The watershed learning centre at Terra Cotta backed by glorious autumn colours


Other grade and program requests.

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