Meet the Education Team

Ashoo Anand

In her role as the Multicultural Program Coordinator,   Ashoo is actively involved in connecting and building partnerships with the community-based organizations that work with newcomers in the Peel region. Being an immigrant herself, she understands the challenges newcomers face in Canada and their lack of connectivity with their local natural environment. Through her multicultural outreach program she tries to develop programs that can appropriately engage linguistically and culturally diverse communities in environmental education and awareness.

Erin Glasser

Erin is an Education Coordinator at Credit Valley Conservation. She completed the Ecosystem Management Technology diploma at Fleming college and her experiences in the environmental field range from volunteering with junior naturalist groups and outdoor day camps, shoreline restoration and consultation to adult environmental education. During her spare time, Erin enjoys exploring life and looking for “creepy crawlies” under rocks, logs and leaf litter on the forest floor. She is also fascinated by wood frogs and the fact that their bodies can freeze solid in winter and thaw in the spring.

Renee Kieltyka

Renee’s experience with nature started off at a young age with trips to Algonquin and to her family cottage. From examining worms to chasing after grasshoppers, Renee found it hard to stay inside when there were so many cool things to see outside. This led her to focus her work at university in Environmental Geography. She continued her love for learning with a teaching degree from Nipissing University and a Masters in Education from York University with a focus on Environment/ Sustainability education. Renee’s work as an Education Technician allows her to learn something new everyday. She recently learned that Monarchs have the longest and largest insect migration in North America, traveling up to 8,000 km per year! If she is not teaching, Renee likes to retreat to the cottage where she can spend her days on the dock listening to the call of the loon

Stephanie Pearson

Stephanie currently works as an Education Coordinator and has extensive experience teaching both outdoor and environmental education to a variety of age groups. After receiving a Geography degree, her work has included being employed with the Toronto District School Board, Durham District School Board, and in the non-profit sector. Stephanie has always had a keen interest in the natural environment because there are so many interesting things to learn and share about even the most “ordinary” plant or animal.

Kari Sattler

Kari joined Credit Valley Conservation in 2007 after teaching outdoor education at Bluewater District School Board and Toronto District School Board. Kari has always been driven to learn all about nature, starting with an Environment and Resources Studies degree and continuing with a teaching degree from Queen’s University with an Outdoor Experiential Education focus. Kari’s work as a Senior Education Coordinator gives her the opportunity to share nature’s wonder with people by coordinating events in conservation areas and developing school programs at Terra Cotta. In addition to relishing long paddles under moonlight, Kari enjoys theatre, novels and keeping active.

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