Climate Change Solutions for the Credit River Watershed

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for participating in Credit Valley Conservation’s (CVC) pilot project. This curriculum-based video series will bring a local focus to issues taking place in the Credit River watershed such as climate change, water quality, biodiversity and the importance of urban green spaces for health and wellness in our communities.

Students will watch a video online and complete a short questionnaire to gauge their understanding. They can then participate in the in-class activity that is provided which complements the video. The activities will actively engage students in community environmental issues and connect to the Ministry of Education Ontario Curriculum.


  1. Download and review the TEACHER GUIDE.
  2. Download, print and hand-out or email the STUDENT GUIDE to the students.
  3. Provide the students with the link to the video (if they should watch it at home) or watch the video together in class. Do not provide the students with the link to this website because they will then have access to the Teacher Guide and answers to the questions.
  4. Complete the in-class activity provided in the Student Guide
  5. Fill out the Survey. Your comments will help us improve this program.


Student Guide





Video: Bringing Back the Brook Trout

What are Brook Trout? Why did they go away? Watch the video and learn how Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and students just like you are restoring Brook Trout habitat in Caledon. Learn why this is so important in the face of climate change.

Video link:


Activity: Identify Priority Areas for Brook Trout Habitat

For this activity students will use maps of the Credit River watershed and real-time water monitoring data from CVC’s environmental monitoring stations (available for download above) to identify areas in the river that require action.



After participating in the program, please take a few moments to fill out the survey below.


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