Urban Homeowners

Discover do-it-yourself projects to enhance your property and improve the health of the environment. Add colour and beauty to your yard.

Grow Local


Local, native plants thrive naturally in our region. They support a diversity of birds and pollinators while building resilience to climate change. Use native plants to enhance your flower beds, border your vegetable garden or create shady rest or play spaces.

Get started
Discover which native plants will work best in your yard. Determine whether your yard is better suited to woodland or prairie and meadow plants using the following how-to guides. Then find the rights plants using our native plant lists.

Visit a Native Plant Nursery
Find a native plant nursery near you using our Guide to Native Plant Nurseries and Seed Suppliers.

Attend a Webinar
Learn how to use native plants to add beauty, attract birds and support pollinators without leaving your living room. See all upcoming webinars.

Manage Rainwater Beautifully


Create a raingarden, add a soakaway or plant water-tolerant native plants to manage rainwater in your yard and enhance water quality.

Get Started
What’s a raingarden and why should you build one? Find out in our Raingarden Factsheet. Have a smaller yard? Consider a soakaway instead. Learn about soakaways and how to maintain them in this archived issue of The Garden Post.

Harvest Rainwater
Start harvesting rainwater by installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels save you money and your plants will prefer rainwater over the hose! Learn how.

Feeling ambitious? Discover how to make your own.

Find the Right Plants
Discover native water-tolerant plants for your yard or raingarden. Use the following plant lists and sort by soil moisture for the best results.


Create a Bird-Friendly Yard


Bring the delightful sound of birdsong to your yard. Create healthy and safe outdoor spaces for local, migrating and breeding birds.

Get Started
Learn what birds need to thrive in urban yards and some of the common backyard birds you might see in your yard in our Bird Garden How-To.

Grow Native
Discover native plants birds love and add them to your yard or garden. Use our native plant lists to find which plants are best for your yard.

Make Your Home Bird Safe
Has a bird ever flown into your window? Learn how to make your home safe for birds. Start by taking FLAP’s homeowner self-assessment then learn what you can do now to create a bird-safe home.

Become a Backyard Birder
Discover which birds you might see in the watershed with our migratory bird spotter guides. Join a citizen science project and report your sightings to help inform conservation efforts.


Stay Connected

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