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Land Securement Cabinet Member


The Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) is a partnership of the municipalities within the Credit River Watershed. We are dedicated to the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable development of the natural resources of our watershed. Together we have a long and successful history of ensuring a clean supply of water for human and environmental needs. At this time, we are seeking to fill the position of:Land Securement Cabinet Member

Summary of Functions

Purpose of the Land Securement Cabinet:

The CVCF Land Securement Cabinet will provide fundraising leadership to enable CVC to secure important natural areas through purchase, donation or easements. These secured natural areas will create an interconnected network of greenlands for the health and well-being of the environment and future generations.

Our campaign goals will advance CVC’s Greenlands Securement Strategy; a science-driven, criteria-based process that identifies significantly important conservation land. The strategy recommends at a minimum, over the next 20 years, that 5,670 hectares of greenlands within the Credit River watershed be secured by CVC and its partners, as these lands will contribute to the foundation of a connected system that will provide natural heritage protection, appreciation and recreational benefits for healthy ecosystems and healthy communities.

Eligibility Requirements

Cabinet members shall have the ability to:
  • Support and promote the fundraising efforts of the CVCF in relation to land acquisition
  • Consult and liaise with stakeholders and potential supporters regarding CVC’s Land Securement objectives
  • Make frequent and timely progress reports to the Land Securement Cabinet

Summary of Major Tasks

Cabinet Goals and Objectives:
  • Develop the fundraising strategy for the Land Securement Campaign
  • Implements, monitors and evaluates the fundraising strategy once it is adopted
  • Identify and maintain a list of existing and potential sponsors and funders
  • Assume the lead for certain fundraising activities, such as donor recruitment and special events
  • Assist CVCF Board Members in managing interactions with sponsors/funders: obtaining funds or in-kind services and thanking sponsors/funders in writing

Additional Information

Time Commitment:
  • Approx. 4 Cabinet meetings per year. Called at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson
  • Minimum of 5 hours per month, up to 10 hours for fundraising activities and special events
To Apply: Please submit your resume and the answer to the following 2 questions via email to:
  • Terri LeRoux - Executive Director, CVC Foundation
  • tleroux@creditvalleyca.ca 1. Why are you interested in this position and what value will your skill sets bring to the committee? 2. Why is Land Securement important to you?

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