Ardent Mills

Aerial photo of a mill facilitynext to river

Sustainability Ingrained

Ardent Mills is North America’s premier flour and ingredient company. Since 1835, they’ve been milling a variety of whole grains to create premium flour blends at their Streetsville Mill in Mississauga.

Ardent Mills was built on the values of trust, serving, simplicity and safety. They work to foster strong relationships with farmers and grain suppliers, and they’re committed to giving back to the communities where they operate. In addition to providing expertise and education through their Nourishing Communities program, Ardent Mills sought to give back by enhancing the community through environmental stewardship projects.

Community-Minded Sustainability

In 2018, plant manager Anthony Pracek reached out to CVC’s Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) program to help them make their vision of a sustainable and community-oriented property a reality. Their Streetsville Mill property spans both sides of the Credit River in Mississauga. The plant is buffered by pre-existing forest, manicured lawn and a transportation corridor that runs along a multi-residential street.

View the concept plan

Staff volunteers planting on-site.

Program staff worked with Anthony to create a sustainable landscaping concept plan to support their goals. The plan included active management of the pre-existing forest, planting native trees and shrubs to hide the transportation corridor, and planting a largescale prairie meadow and pollinator garden.

To implement phase one, GCG helped organize a planting event with 15 employees in 2019. Together, they planted 365 trees and shrubs on the property. Phase two included preparing the prairie meadow and planting a second batch of trees and shrubs.

In June 2020, GCG staff coordinated contactless delivery and placement of 82 trees and shrubs on the property. While following strict COVID-19 protocols including social distancing, mandatory mask requirements, and personal health screening, Ardent Mills staff volunteers got the trees and shrubs in the ground under Anthony’s supervision. The staff volunteers also tilled the prairie meadow site in preparation for seeding next spring.

Anthony worked with GCG to identify projects and create a phased-implementation plan. This allowed Ardent Mills to work with the resources they had to create change. Although their team is small, they’ve proven they are environmentally mighty.

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