Annual Reports

Together with our partners, we’re realizing our vision of a thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains us. We’re proud to showcase our accomplishments year-over-year and report back to watershed residents and other valued funders.

Serving our Community – 2021 Annual Report

Working together, we can ensure a resilient future for our watershed communities.

A person planting a seedling.

Adaptation – 2020 Annual Report

Highlighting ways we are adapting to significant changes seen in 2020.

A person removing invasive plants.

Conservation Matters – 2019 Annual Report

Highlighting some of the ways that conservation matters to our watershed.

A person running along a boardwalk in a forested conservation area.

Building Resiliency – 2018 Annual Report

Addressing how we’re building resiliency to address our changing climate.

A child dipping their hand into a wetland pond.

Inspired by Nature – 2017 Annual Report

Exploring how we’re inspired by nature to serve our watershed communities.

A crew of three restoration workers standing on the banks of a stream.

Collaborating to Deliver Results – 2016 Annual Report

Highlighting ways we are collaborating to deliver results.

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