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Nature Invaders Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, May 15, 2021

May 15 - May 22



Join rural landowners across the Credit River Watershed in an interactive invasive species scavenger hunt. Discover whether you have invasive species on your property and engage with CVC’s stewardship experts to learn what you can do to stop them and how we can help.

Why Participate?
Invasive species are aggressive, non-native plants that can reduce the natural beauty and recreational enjoyment of your property and your community. Removing an infestation is costly. Stop them before they spread.

Spring is a key time to identify invasive plants because they’re often one of the first to pop up. It’s also just a great time to get out into your yard!

How to Participate:
The scavenger hunt will take place using the iNaturalist app. iNaturalist is an easy-to-use citizen science app that helps you identify plants and animals from photographs you take with your phone.

To get started, let us know you’re joining the hunt by register for the event. We’ll send you detailed instructions on how to participate. We’ll also send you helpful information and resources about what to look for on your property. You’ll be able to engage with CVC’s experts directly through the app and at our virtual Ask the Expert event to learn more about what you’ve found and what you should do next.

Who should participate?
Rural landowners in the Credit River Watershed with properties of one acre or more are invited to participate. While we encourage everyone to use iNaturalist to discover the plants on their properties, our programs and services are specifically for landowners who meet the eligibility criteria.

The scavenger hunt officially takes place during National Invasive Species Week (May 15-22). But you can use iNaturalist at any time to identify and report the plants you find on your property. All rural landowners who participate will be entered into a draw to win one of two pollinator plant gift packs valued at $40 each. We’ll reveal the winner at the Ask the Expert event. The winner will also be notified by email.

Ask the Expert Event
To wrap up the scavenger hunt, we’re hosting a virtual Ask the Expert event on May 27. Ask CVC’s stewardship and invasive species experts questions about what you found on your property and what steps to take next. You’ll learn about programs, funding, and services available to help you fight invasives on your property.

Can’t participate? Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, the Countryside Stewardship Mail, to get tips on managing your rural property and to stay up to date with upcoming events. Or contact a stewardship coordinator to learn more about stewardship projects for your property at

Contact: Alison Qua-Enoo at or

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