More About Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area is CVC’s largest land holding and protects many significant natural features including the headwaters of Silver Creek, a Credit river tributary. This Area includes a large Escarpment valley and many representative features of the areas natural splendor. Wander past babbling brooks, lush forests, and Escarpment rocks as you explore this little taste of wilderness nearby urban and rural settings.

This trail based Conservation Area has no public facilities and it is strongly recommended that you have a copy of the Bruce Trail Reference guidebook before heading out on the trails. Always remember to plan your trip.

Be sure to check out the recently completed management plan for the Terra Cotta – Silver Creek Complex of conservation areas. The management plan will provide interesting and detailed information on the conservation area as well as management directives that will ensure its long term protection, appreciation and enjoyment.


Thanks to provincial funding, hard work and volunteer hours, we now enjoy a new addition at the Silver Creek Conservation Area. One hundred twenty metre boardwalk was built to protect the pond’s sensitive shoreline from trail widening and soil compaction. A 25 metre U-shaped dock was also added to allow for access to the pond for the Silver Creek Education Centre’s pond dipping studies. In order to protect the threatened amphibians that live here and in the surrounding area this project became a necessity. Wildlife viewing is now safer for the animals and the visitors.