What is the purpose of a management plan?
What is the management planning process?
Where is the Belfountain complex located and what properties make up the area?
Why are we doing a management plan for the Belfountain Complex?


What is the purpose of a management plan?

  • Sets goals and objectives and provides strategies for achieving them
  • A long-term vision that helps land managers and stakeholders manage the property
  • Advises on operational decisions and prioritizes actions
  • Involves municipal and provincial agencies, partner groups and the public


Management Planning Process

CVC’s management planning process will occur in three distinct, but overlapping phases:

Phase I – Background Studies and Report

  • Review opportunities and limitations such as natural heritage, cultural heritage, infrastructure, existing resources, programming, policies, planning initiatives, and the role of the public

Phase II – Strategic Directions

  • Consult with the public, stakeholders and provincial agencies
  • A strategic direction report will include results and issues identified in the Background Report and public consultations

Phase III – Management Plan

  • Includes the results of Phase I and II
  • Reviewed by CVC staff and government agencies
  • Requires approval from the Niagara Escarpment Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry


Where is the Belfountain complex located and what properties make up the area?

Overview of the Belfountain Conservation Area

The Belfountain complex is located on the Niagara Escarpment, within the Town of Caledon, and is one of CVC’s oldest and best known conservation areas. The 56ha (138 acre) complex covers three separate properties:

  • Belfountain Conservation Area
  • Willoughby Property
  • Cox Property

The complex is home to rare species. It is also a cultural heritage site. Management and visitor rates vary between the properties. Common geography and natural features link them functionally.

Belfountain Conservation Area

  • Focus on recreation since the early 20th century
  • High visitation throughout summer and fall

Cox Property

  • Owned and managed by CVC
  • No formal trail system and not actively used by the public

Willoughby Property

  • Purchased by Ontario Heritage Trust in January 1986 and managed by CVC since March 1986
  • Two Bruce Trail side trails are located on the property and have been used by hikers since the 1960s


Why are we doing a management plan for the Belfountain Complex?

  • Protect and manage natural and cultural heritage
  • Recreation programs
  • Visitor-related infrastructure
  • Restoration and stewardship projects
  • Long-term management of the complex as one unit will ensure that its features are managed together.



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