Angler Etiquette and Trespassing

Property rights and trespassing can be complicated and confusing. Anglers accessing fishing spots should always respect the property rights of others. Do not cross any visible property or fence lines, areas posted “No Trespassing”, or those marked with the round red international “No Trespassing” symbol. Where a round yellow symbol is posted, access under certain conditions is usually allowed. Some properties on the Credit are accessible as long as anglers follow a prescribed set of rules.

Water itself is a public resource but the stream bed and banks on which anglers walk may be private. Navigating the Credit River is possible from Inglewood to Lake Ontario, but should not be attempted without a full understanding of liabilities due to impassible private dams, particularly at Norval. Water conditions can be dangerous at times and too shallow at others. If canoeing or boating, please observe and obey all federal and provincial regulations.

There are ample and diverse publicly accessible fishing locations provided by CVC, MNR, and municipal parklands. User fees are collected on some properties with the money devoted to paying for land taxes, visitor infrastructure, and services.

Please keep the following in mind when angling or walking along the river:

  • If you are unsure about accessing a piece of property, do not enter.
  • Do not litter. Bring a small bag and pick up litter on your way out. Landowners really appreciate this and will be more likely to grant you access in the future.
  • Restrict harvest according to landowner’s wishes. Do not set fires or cut vegetation.
  • Respect other anglers who have arrived before you. Don’t intrude on their casting area. Walk quietly around others.
  • Yell “Fish on” when you hook a fish near other anglers. The other anglers will appreciate not getting their lines tangled.
  • Limit your catch and do not take more than your legal limit.
  • Offer to help those with less experience.
  • Have fun and learn something every time you go out.
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