With summer right around the corner we’re already planning ahead and preparing for another busy season. It’s a great time for us to connect and work side by side with volunteers in the community. One program in particular that’s top of mind for us at this time of year is our youth volunteer program, Conservation Youth Corps.

If you’re hearing about this program for the first time we should tell you it’s a fun and popular program that high school students can take part in during the summer months. It’s an opportunity for students to get inspired by nature. Some enjoy their experience so much they explore future opportunities in the environmental field.

Our Conservation Youth Corps program lets students earn up to 35 volunteer hours in one week during the summer, all while doing good work in the community. The program is all about learning, helping our environment and having fun. Not a bad way to spend a week in the summer, right?

Participants learn about current environmental and conservation issues through hands-on work. Students work together in crews of seven to complete daily activities, such as tree planting, wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, trail maintenance and more.

Student volunteers learn about flora and fauna, explore new areas in the watershed, meet new people and learn valuable leadership skills. The skills look great on a college or university application!

Registration is now open for the program but space fills up quickly. If you’re a student, or you know a student interested in a new and different way to give back to the community, our Conservation Youth Corps program may fit the bill.

To learn more and register at cvc.ca/cyc.

Students who sign up today could be on their way to an unforgettable week with our Conservation Youth Corps!

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