Will Getting Your Hands Dirty Make You Happier?

It turns out that the saying “don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty” should be taken very literally.

Research published in Neuroscience has demonstrated that a specific soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae may be able to alleviate depression. More recent research presented at the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology indicates that it may also increase your capacity to learn.

M. vaccae has been shown to mirror the effect of drugs like Prozac and is thought to stimulate serotonin production. Mice exposed to the bacteria were able to negotiate through a maze twice as fast as those in a control group. Could it really be true that getting outside and getting our hands dirty will make us happier and smarter?

Humans can be exposed to M. vaccae by simply taking a few deep breaths while out for a walk in a natural area or by eating foods like lettuce right from your garden. Farmers, gardeners and rural landowners would have many occasions to “ingest” the bacteria and are lucky to have their hands regularly in the dirt.

The secret world of soil is fascinating and clearly benefits us beyond what we’ve commonly understood. At its simplest, we depend on healthy soil for our food and perhaps at its most complex we depend on it for our wellbeing. It’s important that we understand soil and care for and protect it as best we can.

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