Did you know that many environmental scientists call wetlands Mother Nature’s most valuable assets? At CVC, we celebrate wetlands because they are critical for the environment.

Over the past year, we delivered a special program for grade-four students throughout the Credit River Watershed. The program, called Why Wetlands, was sponsored by Wildlife Habitat Canada and gave students a chance to learn a little more about these important ecosystems.

The learning started with a fun video called A DuckTacular Journey and in-class activities. Students took an “epic journey” with Annie and Jake, two wood ducks as they migrated from their wintering grounds in the southern United States to their nesting grounds in Canada. The program wrapped up with a field trip to Terra Cotta Conservation Area, where student visited an actual wetland.

We were excited to connect with 725 enthusiastic students from 15 schools in the watershed over the course of the program. The experience introduced students and nature, shared information about wetland issues in the Credit River Watershed and helped inspire a deeper appreciation for the environment.

The program helped students identify the wildlife that wetlands support, what threats they face and their importance for people historically and today.

Unfortunately, 85 per cent of our wetlands have been lost over the last two centuries to agricultural and urban development. With so many benefits, it’s important to spread the word so everyone can appreciate why protecting wetlands is so important.

To learn more about our education programs, visit cvc.ca/education.

To learn more about the important projects that Wildlife Habitat Canada supports, please visit www.whc.org.

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