Water: Our Most Precious Resource

Water is the essence of life – a vital resource that sustains our communities. Lake Ontario provides our drinking water and plays a key role in our way of life. It’s a resource we should never take for granted. What would we do without it?

During the summer, this great lake transforms into a hub for recreation, where people swim, fish and enjoy many other leisure activities.

Much of the work that we do focuses on sustaining swimmable, drinkable, fishable water. We asked Mark Mattson – Founder and President of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Program and prominent environmental lawyer – to give the keynote address at our annual Stewardship Forum.

Mark’s efforts to ‘create a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future’ kicked off in 2001 when he launched Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. With support from Robert F. Kennedy Jr and the global Waterkeeper network, Mark’s efforts have helped improve the health of Lake Ontario. His work helped secure $1.4 billion to clean-up contaminated sites across Southern Ontario and save more than 1.6 million fish.

To learn more about this important work, and other environmental issues, join us at this year’s Stewardship Forum on October 4th.  Registration is open until September 26.

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