UPS Canada delivers, in more ways than one. The company, known for its signature brown, has added some green to their operations.

Last month, UPS released its 2013 sustainability report auditing their business practices and highlighting areas where environmentally sustainable action could be implemented.  Part of this report included the commitment to contribute to the community at global and local levels. As such, UPS Canada continues to work alongside CVC to improve the natural area in the Credit River watershed.

Good things often come in small packages. When CVC first hosted a corporate tree planting event in 2011, only four volunteers from the organization were present.  Despite being a small group, the volunteers worked tirelessly, paving the way for an ever-increasing number of UPS volunteers to get involved over the next few years. In fact this year saw over 140 volunteers, including several senior UPS Canada executives, on-hand for a tree planting event at Meadowvale Conservation Area on May 31.

This year, UPS donated $42,000 towards the cost of native trees and shrubs to be planted by volunteers in the Credit River watershed. Over the course of three years, the organization has donated over $67,000 and over 1,540 hours of volunteer time from employees and their families. UPS has financially contributed to the planting of 3,200 native trees and shrubs to date.

Trees and shrubs play an important role in the watershed by preventing erosion, providing habitat for wildlife and reducing the effects of climate change.  UPS engages both employees and their families in environmental stewardship activity, which really is the whole package.

UPS Canada Tree Planting Event 2013
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